Data Discovery, Finding the Needle in a Haystack

“A solution that can access, blend, and display accurate results from multiple data sources in real-time. No other product can do this” 

–Sandy W. – Executive Vice President, JMJ Financials

“XoomDat! Helping enterprises find the data they need!”

–Erin Stadler – Director, Boomtown

“By seamlessly integrating natural language inputs, real-time search, machine-learning, and a dashboard that provides visualization capabilities, XoomDat provides businesses an order of magnitude increase in their operational efficiency—now and for years to come.”

CIO Magazine

XoomDat allows users to access, blend, and display accurate information from multiple data sources in real time. With XoomDat, companies can quickly obtain information that would otherwise take hours, or even days to find, or that they would never find using other search platforms. XoomDat can easily integrate with pre-existing systems and comes with customizable user interfaces. It is the perfect solution to power high throughput financial solutions to mitigate risk and stay ahead of the competition.

Services & Solutions

Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Use real-time data to drive business decisions Starting at $30/month

Real-time Information at your fingertips

Using AI and heuristics to analyze and integrate real-time/retrospective data to provide timely and secure information.

No need to wait for a daily report to be generated, with Xoomdat your information is automatically organized and new insights are revealed as soon as data is created, modified or deleted. No matter whether this change occurs in a local system (file share, intranet, PDF, Word, etc.) or on a remote system (Web site, cloud share, etc). Everything is done at once! New data is organized, reports are automatically updated, and displayed in your dashboard– all in the blink of an eye.

We use advanced Machine Learning heuristics to find and expose insights within your data in matter of milliseconds. The whole thing is done and before you know it your dashboard is already displaying the most up-to-date reports. Imagine the possibilities if you were to have a system that always provided real-time reports and real-time notifications? The sky would no longer be the limit for you or your business!

KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards

Moving your business forward Starting at $30/month

A Birds-eye view of your data

Customizable data and information to meet strategic/tactical decision making, situational monitoring, real-time “what-if” analysis, and on-line data sharing decision making tools.

Providing our users with real-time search and analytics capabilities is already a no-brainer, but we can do even more. With real-time dashboards, all of your information is accessible in one place. Everything is done at the same time! New data is organized, reports are automatically updated and so is your personalized  dashboard. We display key summaries of your real-time information on the dashboard, allowing you to have a birds-eye view of your company’s information. It all happens as if by magic and you don’t need to wait for reports to be generated, its alredy there! Imagine the possibilities if you were to have a system that always provides you with real-time dashboards and live notifications systems? You'd be limiteless...

Real-time events notifications

Real-time events notifications

Be the first to know what matters the most Starting at $30/month

Live Information at your fingertips

Instant notification and sharing of critical information (based on security rules), on-line multi-site secure conferencing with analysis and decision making tools.

Xoomdat already provides real-time search, analytics, and dashboards accessible on all devices and platforms. Real-time notifications allow you to stay up to date on changes while on the go—via text messages, emails, desktop alerts, tablet and mobile notifications. This is a great way to keep you updated with important changes in real-time. XoomDat provides end to end solutions allowing you to best manage your company’s information seamlessly and exactly the way you want. This is why XoomDat is the perfect solution for financial services, because we design applications that are specifically made to ensure a maximullevel of security and clarity, end-to-end.


Real-time Search

Real-time Search

Finding the needle in a haystack Starting at $30/month

Data Discovery, Finding the Needle in a Haystack

In an ecosystem that is dictated by a virtual explosion of information, businesses covet for a search-engine-like ability to comb through their data and find what they are looking for. Many spend at least 50 percent of their IT budgets on such information retrieval and data mining solutions; let alone the fact that available search solutions don’t meet their desired requirements, they are costly and unreliable too —no better than searching for “a needle in a haystack.” XoomDat is the disruptor that can present the needles (information) from the haystacks (internet/social media/public & private data sources) with the specific results a user is looking for. 

Using machine-learning techniques coupled with a proprietary real-time search algorithm, XoomDat affordably provides businesses with an advanced proven off-the-shelf product that meets their critical business needs —without having to build a ‘do-it-yourself’ capability by integrating disparate products and consuming precious corporate resources.

With today’s plethora of search engines, content discovery is random at best. Infrequent search queries produce long lists of generic results with valuable information being pushed all the way to the bottom, simply because of a lack of general interest. With XoomDat, users will no longer be presented pages of links that they have to click through iteratively, search the link contents manually for the specific information they are looking for, assemble the data in a summary report, and repeat this process multiple times hoping to get the necessary information.

Searching Diverse Data Sources to “Connect-the-Dots”

In the enterprise context, the vast expanse of data presents a larger sample space and in turn, a larger ocean from which the choicest information may be fished out. Rather than casting a wider net, the approach XoomDat takes is far more surgical, and uses precise searching algorithms in tandem with the format and the context of results required with custom refinements that single out the most pertinent pieces of information. As Ousmane Condé, CEO of XoomDat says, “Our platform searches the internet, the users’ proprietary local and private databases to perform a targeted search, and then uses machine-learning analytics to provide customers a competitive advantage where ‘time is of the essence’ to ‘connect-the-dots’ and make key decisions —in seconds, not minutes, hours or days.”.

XoomDat: Data Discovery, Finding the Needle in a Haystack

In today's fast changing world real-time information is critical for applications such as:

- World-wide financial real-time trending and correlation
- Law enforcement/border control intelligence information systems on individuals, ID documents and real-time events/relationships
- Trending data on potential health epidemic risk areas/travel information to identify preventative actions
- Other real-time mission critical applications to meet both governmental and private organizational needs. 

XoomDat selected by CIO Magazine as 1 of the 20 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers in 2018. Learn more

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