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"Finding a needle in a haystack"

Patent Application Number: 15/429,695

Oscar Wilde once said “It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information”. Given today's world of information overload, I can’t say I agree. Take a simple google search for example. It may return valid search results intermixed with hundreds of other pages full of useless information - and leaving the users to find the "needle in the haystack" that they wanted.  So why not create a platform that provides its users with the relevant information that they are searching for ... across heterogeneous systems spanning the Internet ... and in real-time? That's what we did.

At Xoomdat we provide the most precise and affordable search, analytics, and business intelligence platforms tailored to meet individual business requirements. The current challenge of efficient and meaningful real-time search is that today’s offerings are typically extremely expensive ‘one size fits all’ solutions. These options are not readily customizable to dynamic business needs. This is a problem. As a business grows, or changes direction, so should their search, analytics, and intelligence platforms; all while reducing the cost of upgrading and ongoing support.

Xoomdat makes these challenges a thing of the past. Our revolutionary technology delivers customizable search, crawl, analytics, dashboards, and notifications all in real-time with state-of-the-art security that is future proof. The result is real-time information technology that makes it affordable for small, medium, and large companies to significantly leverage their operations for greater efficiency and bottom line financial performance.

The technology’s benefits are powerful for almost any business requiring cost effective information search, information security, data analytics, and decision making in real-time. We’ve already began to develop this technology through various applications, including real-time aerospace fleet management, real-time crime reporting and prediction, real-time border control positive identity management, real-time pharmaceutical drug development, real-time financial analytics and decision making – as well as other real-time critical information analysis.

An example of the commercial world is XoomdatEVENT. Using Xoomdat technology, we’ve deployed the largest, real-time hub for events across the world. XoomdatEVENT is a real time marketplace, that crawls Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and all other major social media and web platforms to find events. This allows event-organizers and promoters to meet for business, users to search for events, buy tickets, and meet other users through our unique meetmeDare link. And that is only one example of how our patent-pending technology can be developed to provide real-time solutions for various applications.

Xoomdat’s technology and support services will dramatically leverage the competitive posture and bottom line performance of any business. We analyze business needs and identify how Xoomdat’s technology and support services can provide a customized solution at a fraction of the cost of any competitor. This includes on-going customized upgrades for changing business needs and long-term life-cycle costs.

Xoomdat’s technology is a tremendous reinvention of the customizable real-time search, data analytics, and information decision makers that currently exist. Let’s make the technology of the future, available today, with Xoomdat!

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