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Previously, the cost to develop customized real-time search engines was prohibitively expensive, it took months or even years to develop them and they did not easily allow for updating heuristics or adding new capabilities as needed. In today's fast changing world real-time information is critical for applications such as: 

-  World-wide financial real-time trending and correlation
-  Law enforcement/border control intelligence information systems on individuals, ID documents and real-time events/relationships
-  Trending data on potential health epidemic risk areas/travel information to identify preventative actions
-  Other real-time mission critical applications to meet both governmental and private organizational needs.  

We all use GPS in our cars to plan trips, monitor progress and changing real-time conditions regarding traffic, emergency information, etc.  We rely on this real-time information, along with traffic heuristics, to provide us with the safest and optimal route to our destination.  Why shouldn't we have a similar capability for mission critical government or business applications? 

XOOMDAT provides a cost effective and tailorable solution for organizations to build real-time data and information systems to meet these needs.

We build Search & Analytics platforms for medium and large size companies (20+ employees) to help perform their daily tasks faster, cheaper and better. With our world class patent-pending technology, we always design our software agnostically, meaning it can instantly adapt to any type of dataset. We strive for quality over quantity. No matter how long it takes or how much it costs. We will deliver the highest quality and safest products for the best price in the market –  And That’s our Mojo.


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