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Solutions uniquely made for your Business

We use AI and heuristics to analyze and integrate real-time/retrospective data to provide timely and secure information specifically tailored for your business operations. 

Because your business model is unique, every XoomDat application is custom created accordingly and grows with your business; allowing you to have optimal software to run your operations in a lean fashion.

Real-time Search

"Finding a needle in a haystack"

Whether your data resides in the cloud, a website, or local storage Xoomdat can find it and provide you with an interface where you can perform real-time search. Xoomdat Search Engine always provides the most up-to-date information, allowing you to make decisions based on live information. If you are in a rush, and need to crawl the web on-demand, we provide you with a live interface to launch the crawlers and directly displatch the most recent data through your entire system using XoomDat Bots. You can check out a basic example by following this Live Crawl interface. Unlike most of our competitors, who provide search functionality on historical data (for instance, 24 hours later), XoomDat can find and organize your data in a matter of microseconds as soon as it is created or modified. This is a unique patent (pending) feature that distinguishes us from most competition, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other major Search Engine.

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Real-time Analytics

Reveal hidden insights from you data

No need to wait for a daily report to be generated! With Xoomdat your information is automatically organized and new insights are revealed as soon as data is created, modified or deleted; no matter whether this change happens in a local system (file share, intranet, PDF, Word, etc.) or on a remote system (Web site, cloud share, etc). Everything is done at once. We use advanced Machine Learning heuristics to find and expose various insights within your data in matter of milliseconds. The whole thing is done in a blink of an eye and before you know it your dashboard is already displaying the most up-to-date reports. Imagine the possibilities if you were to have a system always providing you with real-time reports and even real-time notifications systems! The sky will no longer be the limit.

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Real-time Dashboards

A Birds-eye view of your data, real-time

Providing our users with real-time search and analytics capabilities is already a no-brainer, but we can do even more. With real-time dashboards, all of your information is accessible in one place. Everything is done at the same time. New data is organized, reports and dashboards are automatically updated – "automagically". With XoomDat, your information is automatically organized and new insights are revealed as soon as data is created, modified or deleted. We display key summaries of that information on a dashboard allowing you to have a real-time birds-eye view of your company’s information. It all happens seemingly by magic and you don’t need to wait for reports to be generated, your dashboard is already displaying the most up-to-date information! Imagine the possibilities, if you were to have a system that always provides you with real-time dashboards and live notifications systems! You'd be limiteless. 

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Real-time Notifications

Live Information at your fingertips

With real-time notifications, you’ll stay up to date with changes on the go—via text messages, emails, desktop alerts, tablets and mobile notifications. This is a great way to keep you updated with important changes in real-time.

One of XoomDat's most basic functionalities is to automatically provide real-time updates to its users, via text, email, voice or web notifications. For live demos, please call us directly at 562-999-2511

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Financial Technology

XoomTap is the easiest way to accept credit card payments from all of your smart devices, websites, social media pages or using our API. XoomTap is fast, secure, and the lowest-priced credit card payment system in the market. It comes with a free marketing and targeted advertisement system, exclusively for our customers.

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